If you are having reception problems, the first thing you should always do is connect your cable directly to your television set, to determine whether the problem is coming from the cable or from the equipment connected between the cable and your television set.


Before calling the Repair Service, check the following: 

  • Are all my devices properly connected?
  • Is my TV set tuned to channel 3, 4 or "source"?
  • Is my VCR tuned to channel 3 and set at "TV"?
  • Make sure the decoder is plugged into the wall outlet, and that the outlet is actually getting power.
  • If the problem persists, CONNECT THE MAIN CABLE DIRECTLY TO THE TELEVISION SET. If the service is working, one of the devices (the decoder, VCR or cable converter) is defective. Call the Repair Service for information. However, if your cable service is not working, call the REPAIR service IMMEDIATELY.